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Ann W:  The sessions that I had with Debbie were absolutely inspirational and guided. She has a special gift that is so healing. You will be so grateful for the healing that she can bring into your life. 

Carrie Ann J:  Debbie is amazing. I tried talk therapy, and it really didn't work. After a session with Debbie, I saw the world through a different lens. She has cleared away the darkness in my life. She has helped me come back from romantic breakups, and keep them from holding me back. Every session contains a super dose of clarity, healing, and makes me a better person. 

Melissa B: Debbie with Mindful Design has changed my life. She started treating my child who has always had issues sleeping. I have not slept well in 10 years because of her disrupted sleep cycle. she has visited various doctors - her pediatrician, therapists, acupuncturists, and more. While we saw minimal improvement, nothing has helped her sleep for more than a few hours at a time. After a few sessions of hypnotherapy, we have seen improvement. While she is not sleeping perfectly, we are experiencing far less interruptions.

The success I saw with my daughter encouraged me to have a few sessions with Debbie. I have always struggled with setting healthy boundaries with friends and family. I have been to various therapists, participated in personal coaching, attended groups and much more. After one session, I felt stronger. After two sessions, I made some much needed changes and have been able to establish healthy boundaries with others. Everyone in my life is much happier. I cannot thank Debbie enough.

Karen L:  Debbie is one of the kindest people I know. I would recommend her to anyone. 

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